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Making Tracks

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Title Description

Peggy has had more than enough. Her daughter, Sally Ann, is floundering in pubescent no-man's-land and making life hell; Patrick has gone to seed, more belly over than under his belt, and Nora, her social-climbing mother-in-law, has given her a bit too much lip. Leaving the exploded bags of groceries scattered on the kitchen floor where she dropped them, Peggy walks out. Blindly looking for freedom, her naive spontaneity leads her straight into a trap. After a few short days of exciting recklessness, suddenly no-one is laughing any more.


What They Are Saying About Making Tracks

 “Peggy Does A Runner” EPPIE Finalist 2003

—for Best Single Title/Mainstream Novel

 “Ms FitzGerald-Petri is definitely a talent in the humor department, and her skill in the use of dialect and description gives one a keen sense of living in a seaside village and traveling the rural byways of Ireland. For as much as Anne Tyler’s Ladder of Years is a serious portrayal of a woman who bolts from her husband and family, Making Tracks (Peggy Does a Runner) is guaranteed to have you in stitches. That is not to say this story is not without serious issues that arise while the main characters discover what is most important in life and that things aren’t always as they seem.

Ms. FitzGerald-Petri’s characters leap from the written page...

For anyone who's ever wanted to "do a runner" herself and experience numerous laughs to boot, I can't recommend Peggy Does a Runner highly enough! I rate it: ROFLMAO!! (In other words, absolutely hilarious!)”

—Jeanne Allen

“This well-written novel is a delightful mix of true-life, fanciful imagination, realism, laughter, tears, and suspense—yes, plenty of suspense. Without ever being preachy and didactic, this novel holds the mirror to the lives lived by many, if not most, women. And that mirror shows the good as well as the less-than-lovable side of womens’ lives. I’ll go so far as to predict that no woman with a loving, but less than charismatic husband, with at-times bratty teen(s), and a life that seems all too cut and dried, will fail to find a smile and perhaps even a teardrop in these pages. There’s a little Peggy in all of us—thank goodness!”

—Jean Goldstrom


“...most of us who have been married a long time, and wonder if we might have made another, wiser choice, can certainly understand her (Peggy’s) motivation. FitzGerald-Petri has ingeniously wrought a tale filled with just the right balance of fright, humor and intrigue.

Not to be read after dark when you are home alone. Dialog is plausible, nicely set down, presented in gritty style sure to keep the reader captivated. From the outset the reader is carried along on a wild ride filled with excitement and masque.” Four Stars

—Molly Martin


“This gem of a story slowly reels a reader in and captures the heart... Reading Peggy Does A Runner (Making Tracks) is like spending a weekend in the Irish countryside… and it’s a whole lot cheaper.”

—Rie Sheridan

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Book Review Café rating: Four Cups—a must read!


About the author

Meet Trisha FitzGerald-Petri

Patricia FitzGerald-Petri was born and grew up in Ireland though she did spend a few brief years of her childhood life in Brazil.

After school, she studied Graphic Design and Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, and worked for a short time as a freelance designer before moving to Germany. After her children were born, Patricia decided against further education in order to catch up with the now new fast-moving world of computer graphics, but instead, returned to a language school in Ireland to obtain qualifications in TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language. At present, she works as an assistant in international business.

Patricia was an EPPIE 2003 finalist with "Making Tracks", originally published under the title "Peggy Does a Runner". She has also written three other novels, "Casting Off", "Over The Wall" and "There and Back", as well as a tongue-in-cheek article on epublishing for Scribesworld called "Frisson of Passion".

Patricia's daughters, Jenny and Nadia, are now in their twenties and she lives with her partner in a small Bavarian village. When not writing, she loves sailing, cycling and, of course, reading.


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